Monday, May 10, 2010

Week Two

Hey everyone,

Week two is going to have a very different feel than last week. The first challenge was just for fun. It really only focused on me (and Ed Mirvish), but for this week, I'm hoping to shift the focus to helping others.

The challenge for this week is to buy a meal for a homeless person everyday. I just moved to an area of Toronto where there are quite a few homeless people that I pass on the street everyday so maybe it's been on my mind more than usual, but I think it's a good challenge for week two. I think buying food for homeless people is a much better option than giving money. I'm also going to ask if there's anything specific they'd like to eat, instead of just picking something at random.

I did it today at lunch time. It felt a bit weird; like I was on the prowl looking for someone to approach, but I ended up just doing it. The man I asked seemed really grateful and almost taken aback that I was talking to him because so many people before me just kept walking. I brought him lunch (a tuna sandwich and a Pepsi - his request) and he was really thankful. It felt good to know I did a nice thing, even though it was really small in the grand scheme of things.

Talk to you soon!


  1. you should take pictures! just kidding..mad respect! I gave a vegan brownie to "the man upstairs"/ Greg tonight. He tried it right away and like it a lot. ahaha

  2. Pinch & I thought you might take photos of the meals pre-giving it to the people? Just an idear.

  3. Melissa, that is so sweet! And I love this idea so much!