Friday, May 21, 2010

A lovely green day

Hello dearies,

Only three days left!! I can see the end. Any suggestions for what my first non-green meal should be?

For breakfast today I had, you guessed it, pesto eggs... I had some egg whites left over from making a key lime pie last night, so I made egg white (green) scrambled eggs. I put them in a green pita with spinach for a bit of a different take. Quite delicious.

Today I decided that I needed protein other than eggs and cheese, so I bought herbed tofu, which is green-flecked. I made green linguine with the tofu, spinach, broccoli, garlic, and zucchini. It was a very nice change to have tofu instead of pesto eggs, and it was a very nice looking dish.

I had a Peppermint Aero chocolate bar for dessert, which was so good. I was starting to really miss chocolate!

Today is my friend, Kitty's, birthday and she had a potluck party tonight! I was excited, but a little nervous, to "go green" at a potluck. Luckily, it was a very green friendly party. I brought green chips with guacamole and a key lime pie. Iris made spinach hummus. There were green grapes and the punch had lime slices in it. They even made some special green cupcakes just for me. How thoughtful! It was also a costume party, if you can tell by my outfit.

I hope you've been inspired to eat more greens this week. I want to know what green things you've been eating! Let me know what green things you ate today and your favorite green dish!

Love ya!


  1. Melissa I love this blog! You're so freaking creative! You crack me up my dear intern!

  2. Thanks Laura Lynn! Imagine only eating green in UWP. You would die haha.