Monday, May 17, 2010

Color me green

Day one of the Green Challenge complete and I already miss other colored food. This is going to be a difficult week. In the previous weeks, I've only had to to the challenge once a day, but this week, the challenge comes into play every time I want to eat.

Today I went grocery shopping and the cashier looked at me funny with a basket full of exclusively green items.

I started the day with the only green breakfast food I had (pre grocery shopping).

I actually made a batch of guacamole yesterday before I even thought up this challenge, so I bought some green chips to finish it up.

For protein, my brother, Matt, suggested pesto scrambled eggs. It was pretty good actually, but I had to add so much pesto to make the eggs turn green. I'll probably be eating these again this week.

Some delicious pistachio ice cream from Greg's Ice Cream. If you are in Toronto, check out Greg's Ice Cream!! The main shop is by Spadina Station, but they sell it at various other places (mostly coffee shops, I believe) around the city. You can't really tell that the ice cream was green, but I swear it was! Just very pale.

A very green salad.

I bought these broccoli and cheese nugget things because, while the breading is clearly not green, the broccoli part in the picture was super green. Turns out the real thing is way less green. Talk about false advertisement.

It was surprisingly hard to find green pasta. I mostly came across multi colored boxes of pasta and I really didn't feel like picking out all of the green pieces, so I was very excited when I found spinach tortellini. I mixed that with spinach, garlic and zucchini. Yum.

Any green suggestions?


  1. This looks like the BEST green-foods-filled day EVER. I would eat all of that in onnnne second. Holy.

  2. This is fun!!!!

    Less-so for you though! However everything does look delicious!

  3. Btw Dr Oetker has amazing spinach pizza that comes frozen if you don't feel like cooking! It's mostly green :)

  4. Thanks for the tip, Léa! I was looking at those yesterday, but I didn't know if they were green enough. I make the rules though, so I'll go with yes!

    And Iris, you should join me for a green meal this week!

  5. Green tea! Drinks lots of it and you won't be overly hungry for non green foods.

    Also, spinach has a higher protein per calorie count than any meat product. Eat a lot a lot a lot of it and you will get yourself some protein, I wager

  6. oh yes! forgot! for protein: green lentils. you can get canned ones that are really good for curries and things.

  7. Heehee, so this would definitely mean that the green - rather yucky-looking - Naked smoothie would be allowed then? ;)