Wednesday, May 5, 2010

"Next week pick something with less florescent lighting"

Day Three of Honest Ed's complete!

Yesterday was fun, Iris came with me for an adventure. We were in there WAY too long though. Honest Ed's is like a casino. There are no windows or clocks so you have no idea how long you've been in there or what time it is.

I bought a few new things yesterday, including a Ty Guy. Remember Beanie Babies? Well I bought myself a Beanie Boyfriend.

The problem (well, one of them, anyways) with Honest Ed's is that since everything is so cheap, you end up buying a bunch of stuff you don't need.

For today's trip, I had one goal: To find and buy computer paper without asking an employee where to find it. It took me 17 minutes to track it down and another 10 in the check out line. What a great use of my time. The paper was 99 cents and you can tell. It's seriously the thinnest and worst computer paper I have ever seen in my life.

Stay tuned for a history of Honest Ed himself, fun facts about the store, and some commercials from the 80's.

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