Sunday, June 13, 2010

Such a good week!

Hey everyone,

Sorry for not blogging this week. My mind has just recovered from being blown by all of the amazing concerts this week. This has been such a great week!

On Thursday, I saw the Choir of St. Chad's College from Durham, England. Oh how I love choral music. I forgot how much I love it. They sounded great. Actually I think it would be hard to sound bad with the amazing acoustics at the Metropolitan United Church, so then they sounded especially good. I learned that there are free concerts at the Met every Thursday at noon, so I will likely be taking advantage of that. It was a nice little break in the middle of the day. I was really glad to have an afternoon show because I was already getting tired from going out the past three nights and I knew I had three more to go.

On Friday, I went with some friends to see a band from our very own York University, The East End Lovelies. It's funk/hip hop/pop (according to their Myspace) and really energetic. It was quite a fun show!

And then came last night. One of the best musical nights of my life. I went to see one of my all time favorite bands, First Aid Kit. I'll start with their opening acts and leave the glory that is First Aid Kit for last.

The first act was a girl whose name I never did catch, so this is kind of a pointless review. She had a bit of a rocky start; there were some problems with the sound, but she ended up recovering and gave a great show.

The next act was Samantha Crain and her band from Oklahoma. They were a pleasant surprise. Samantha had such a beautiful, unique voice and they were such a treat to watch/hear. I would definitely see them again if I had the chance! One song had a kazoo. Clearly amazing. As I said in my first concert post, I love discovering new bands when they open for bands I already love. Here are some videos of Samantha Crain. Enjoy!

Now onto First Aid Kit. I'm borderline obsessed with them, ha. They were so great live. They are just lovely people. They're Swedish and it's already common knowledge that I love Sweden. Klara and Johanna Söderberg are a sister act from Stockholm. They have created some of the most beautiful and complexly simple harmonies I have ever heard. They have been gathering fans for the past few years mainly from their videos on Youtube and are currently on their first American (and Canadian) tour. A few months ago, I never would have thought I'd be seeing them live, so I'm very happy I got the chance to see them.

Here are a few of their videos. Check them out. Love them. Enjoy!

One more concert tonight! I'll post it when I get home, because starting tomorrow, it's No Internet Week! Scary!

Love ya!

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