Monday, June 21, 2010

Back online!

Hey everyone,

I'm back!! It was a great week in many ways, but I am very glad to be back. I wrote my blog by hand this week, so I'll try to figure out my scanner and post those later today. If I can't figure it out (very likely) I'll take a picture or something, haha. Stay tuned!

On to this week. It's getting increasingly harder to come up with new challenges. If you think of anything that would be good for a challenge, please let me know! The past few challenges have been focused solely on me, so this week I want to do focus my challenge on other people. It's going to be a week of going out of my way to help or do something nice for other people. Whether that's helping someone who is lost on the street or helping someone move or anything else. I don't really know how this week is going to play out. Everyday will be different, but that's a good thing.

Any suggestions? Feel free to comment on this post.

Pip pip cheerio!

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