Thursday, April 29, 2010

Mission Accepted

Hey guys! It’s me Miranda.


Hey guys!

Because of Up With People, last summer was one of the best I’ve ever had, but as many of you know, the blog I tried to write ended up being a bit of a bust.

I want this summer to be just as good, even though I’ll be staying in Toronto rather than traveling. I want to prove to you all that I can keep a blog for the entire summer, so I’m trying the blogging thing again in a bit of a different way.

Here’s the plan, Stan:

I’ve decided that for every week of this summer, I will give myself a different challenge to complete. There are 18 weeks this summer, which means I will have to complete 18 challenges. Each week will be Monday through Sunday, starting May 3rd, 2010, and I’ll be blogging all along the way!

I want to make this as interactive as possible, so feel free to add your suggestions of possible challenges. If you want to participate, join me anytime! I might need help for certain challenges, so keep your eyes peeled and your ears open!

I’ve come up with a few ideas over the course of the day with my friend Iris. Check out the list and let me know what you think! I’ll decide which one I’m going to do first by Monday and I’ll let you know what I choose!

I’ll leave you with the list.


Everyday for a week, I could:

  • Eat only raw foods
  • Pretend to live in a frat house (Pizza and beer week)
  • Plant a plant in a public space
  • Only wear blue
  • Write a letter to someone I don't know
  • Buy a homeless person lunch
  • Discover a new band
  • Party every night
  • Never speak
  • Have a nightly movie marathon
  • Give flowers to strangers
  • Busk
  • Donate homemade food to a soup kitchen
  • Have a picnic for every meal
  • Befriend a café employee (in a new café everyday)
  • CHOLA!
  • Theatre week (read or watch a play a day)
  • Order a confusing Starbucks drink
  • Eat breakfast for every meal
  • Live my life as a movie
  • Abbrev. wk. (only speak in abbreviations)
This is not the official list! Please offer up new suggestions and I will choose as I go!
Tell your friends!

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  1. This sounds like a way cool project. I will put a link up on my blog and see if I can send some hits your way.